Even Liverpool fans know the chances of getting another “Steven Gerard” is as slim as the that of J.K. Rawlings fulfilling her promise of buying Donald J. Trump a unicorn should his approval ratings in Scotland be in the green.

However as Newcastle United return to the Premier League next season, many will wonder just how it all went downhill for Shelvey who at least can be said to have played for the Reds with a passion akin only to the retired skipper even if he was not as talented.

Besides if the evolution of the game at the professional level is anything to go by, talent without tactical discipline is being relegated more often to the back seats these days. There is a reason why the talented assembly of Brazilians hardly rule recent tournaments like they did back in the day.

Look at the last at the last three World Cup winning teams and mention one player from each squad of Italy, Spain and Germany that stood head and shoulders above his mates interms of contribution to their respective triumphs. The answer is none.

Simple collectivism wins it these days against individualism.

And that is where a player like JonjoShelvey thrives in. Doing the seemingly simple stuffs of giving the right passes and intercepting those of opponents, the 6-capped England international belongs to the mould of players who do the most crucial parts in matches in front of audiences that fail to see them beyond the insignificant illusion the attack-frenzy media have created.

Even in the face of that, the 25-year old will hope that even if his part misses the eyes of most, the collective impact in the Rafa Benitez-led side will be enough to propel them and his name to the standards deserving of his skills.

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