Coleman wants to be rewarded for qualifying

Chris Coleman accomplished something with the Welsh national football that no other manager from the past 50 years has managed to do with the team and it’s being able to push the national squad to their first qualification tournament since 1958.

Wales are competing in the UEFA 2016 Euro’s and were pitted in group B along with: England, Slovakia and Russia. The first group stages match of Wale will be played on June 11 of the ongoing year and the head coach Chris Coleman wants to renew his contract before the group stages process kicks off.

The contract of Chris Coleman expires in the summer in a few months’ time in just about the same period of time when the finals of the UEFA 2016 Euro’s kick-off but Coleman wants to know what will happen with his long term future as soon as possible and not having to wonder what is going to occur with his managerial career.

This contract negotiation process has been going on for the past few weeks and the longer that it takes; this will further affect the Welsh national football team as it distracts Chris Coleman from focusing on the approaching tournament and his respective games which are looming.

Taking into consideration that Chris Coleman has managed to get Wales into the group stages of the 2016 Euro’s and this is something that had not been accomplished in the history of the Welsh football team, Coleman is hoping that he has gained the trust and support from the head officials of the Football Association of Wales and get rewarded with a contract renewal.

Never in the history of the Welsh national football team had they qualified for UEFA European Football Championship but it happened now and the man behind it all wants to continue making history with the national side.

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